What do you think about women who breast feed in public?

Answer I think it should be done as discreetly as possible.

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Do you think it is okay to breast feed in public?

I would rather see a baby at his/her mothers breast than with a bottle of Foul Smelling and Foul tasting Formula in it's mouth in Public or Private. A baby at it's mothers breast is a Beautiful Sit... Read More »

Can you breast feed you child in public?

of course you can breast feed in public. you just carry a small blanket that you throw over your shoulder thatll cover your torso and the baby while feeding. but just because youre mature enought... Read More »

Why do some women choose not to breast feed?

Freedom of choice. Even if it's a wrong one.

What is the big deal about women breast feeding in public?

The thought of you breastfeeding is such the turn on B'eer I don't think the ladies could take seeing YOU BFing in public! Please don't torture us with the sight of your Manly Moob! Just too Arousi... Read More »