What do you think about underage drinking?

Answer Underage drinking does cause some serious problems for some teens. Poor decisions are made while intoxicated for people of any age but many people do not realize the brain is still developing unti... Read More »

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Highschool parties-- underage drinking, if I'm not drinking and the cops bust the party would I be in trouble?

I think they usually round up everyone in the place and assume they all were drinking. That is the way it works around here so I think the answer is yes.

Why is underage drinking such a big deal now?

You'd probably get a better answer by posting this in the Law Enforcement category, here we mostly deal with questions about drinking, not so much about the laws regulating it.Now to comment on you... Read More »

Where's a venue in perth that will allow underage drinking?

Be wary where ever you have it, don't put it on the net, as too many parties end up with gatecrashers in Perth. Recommended that security be hired cheaper in the long run.Bad state of affairs here,... Read More »

Underage drinking detected in hospital?

They're not the police. No, they won't charge you. I was taken to the hospital by a police officer for alcohol poisoning when I was underage and they didn't charge me even then haha.