What do you think about underage drinking?

Answer Underage drinking does cause some serious problems for some teens. Poor decisions are made while intoxicated for people of any age but many people do not realize the brain is still developing unti... Read More »

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Highschool parties-- underage drinking, if I'm not drinking and the cops bust the party would I be in trouble?

I think they usually round up everyone in the place and assume they all were drinking. That is the way it works around here so I think the answer is yes.

What Do You Think About My Drinking?

there is more to life then drinking and partyingalcoholics have a terrible life, cannot hold onto a job, family leaves themand medical problems galore

What do you think about drinking and driving?

Done separately, fine. Doing both at the same time is plain stoopid.

What can happen to my parents if i host a party where there will be underage drinking?

They are responsible for providing alchohol to minorscontributing to dilinquerncy of a minorany driving and or accidents or violence that stems from that event