What do you think about to help you go to sleep at night?

Answer If I told you, you'd never sleep.

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Is there anyway i can get to sleep quicker because im up half the night trying to get to sleep lol please help?

You can try taking tylonel pm or benedryl. However, don't do it all the time. It's nice once in awhile, but you don't want your body to rely on it. Make sure that you allow enough sleep if you t... Read More »

Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?

If you can get through the day on that, then I am jealous.

I have trouble sleeping at night what can help me get a good nights sleep?

Ambien - but you MUST get 6+ hours of sleep

What can I take to help me sleep at night, but won't cause me to be drowsy the next day?

Go to a grocery store or health food store and get some melatonin. It's in the vitamin aisle. It really works, it helps you fall asleep and won't interfere with your other meds, it is totally nat... Read More »