What did the 1957 Eisenhower doctrine state about the middle east?

Answer State Department and State Department of Homeland Security

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What are some songs about the U.S.' involvement in the Middle East (preferably contemporary)?

For What its Worth - Buffalo SpringfeildThis song is from 1967 and is about the viet nam war, but I feel it applys nicely to todays problems.1 other you may like is Fortunate Son by Creedence Clea... Read More »

What Is the Cusine of the Middle East Like?

Food like BAKLAVA and BUREK are all originally from Asia, but since the Balkans was under Ottoman(Turkish) occupation the food was brought over to Europe. Also remember that "Mediterranean cuisine... Read More »

What actions did the CIA take in the Middle East?

People would never be able to handle the truth unless it was already been told.unless the truth was told people would never be able to handle it.

What is the absolute location of the middle east?

The region that encompasses Southwestern Asia and Egypt.