What do you think about the research by Amnesty International accusing Australia of violating indigenous right?

Answer Amnesty is there to provide commentry for violation of human rights. The upside is that they campaign against some really bad stuff (like stoning in Iran - Read More »

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How to Get Involved With Amnesty International?

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International aims to protect human rights around the world. The mission of the organization is to ensure the rights of people everywhere, as put forth in the Universal Dec... Read More »

If Australia didn't give citizenship to Aboriginals until 1970s, what was status of indigenous Australians?

Until 1949 Aboriginals were British subjects as was everyone else living in Australia then. Legally though, the Australian constitution put them on the same level as "flora and fauna". Aborigina... Read More »

How do I make an international call to Australia?

Dial the International Dialing CodeDial the international dialing code for the country that you are calling from. In the United States, this code is 011.Dial the Country CodeDial the country code f... Read More »

How do I dial an international call to Australia?

Reaching AustraliaPick up the phone and dial "011." This is the code for an international call. Follow that by dialing "61." That's the country code for Australia.Area CodeDial the area code, which... Read More »