What do you think about the reliability of Wikipedia?

Answer I like to use Wikipedia for my first line of research as they often have links to more authoritative sources. But I never rely on it as a sole source of data as it is editable by anyone who wants t... Read More »

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What do you think is the average IQ of someone asking about Wikipedia's reliability on Y!A?

A Question Dealing with Wikipedia and it's reliability...?

Any source of information inherently has reliability issues. Books, newspapers, even peer reviewd articles can show bias, misinform, or use poor base material. I had the opportunity to correct th... Read More »

Reliability Of Scales?

Scales are used to judge the specific attributes of a group or object and are designed to return a specific measurement or marker that can be used for analysis. Sometimes this analysis is simple, s... Read More »

CSI Reliability Training?

Crime scene investigators analyze evidence from the scene of a crime and prepare reports documenting that analysis. Their analysis, results and reporting must be extremely reliable in order to hold... Read More »