What do you think about the new change happening to youtube?

Answer First of all, people uploading their own videos isn't necessarily going away. According to the article you cited, there will be a "Videos" tab, which I would interperet as meaning, "Miscellaneous" ... Read More »

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What Do You Think About YouTube Cracking Down On Movie/Music Copyright?

Every YouTube user agreed to abide by the Terms of Service agreement... Part of that agreement is that they wouldn't post copyrighted material. If they did, then YouTube had the right to remove the... Read More »

I want to start a YouTube Channel but im worried about what others will think?

Just go and try it out, i was scared of haters and stuff but i just went with and did. And it turned out okay

What is happening with the YouTube Player?

Why don't you take advantage of YouTube's HTML5 player..??Give it a try :) "Join the HTML5 Trial" belowHope it helps :)

As a viewer what do you think of this YouTube video (just spent $700 on a camera so I know a bit about vids)?