What do you think about sweet bread for lunch instead of rice?

Answer Instead of Sweet Bread , take Wheat breads =)....Its good for health, but can take once in a while not often :PWhy don't you eat Roti or Chappathi for Lunch?.... ( I don't know whether You are fami... Read More »

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What do you think about Noodles Is that OK for Lunch?

Not packaged 2 mt noodles...its very bad. Buy some hakka the ape will give you the recipe...for Apedoodles. - cooking time 15-20 mts.1. Get some haka noodles...half boil it...drain of... Read More »

What did you eat today's lunch is it rice and curry or another thing?

lol at lunch nothing but at dinner i had curry,.... im still not a big fan of it also be fine

What is sweet black rice?

Sweet black rice is a purple rice, almost black in color, and is known by several different names. The rice is served in Thailand, Indonesia as well as other parts of Southeast Asia for breakfast a... Read More »

What do you eat with sweet sticky rice?

Anything Satay! Satay sauce, Satay Chicken Skewers, Satay Tofu steaks, I think you get the idea. :)The steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves is great dipped in sugar or melted chocolate.