What do you think about smoking weed ?

Answer First off the people who answer to the negative about MJ are basing their opinion on false information the majority of the time. I do not live in the US but in Spain where personal consumption is ... Read More »

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Do you think smoking weed is bad?

Theres several arguements supporting both sides of this smoking/non smoking dilema. I am both for and agaisnt it, Reasons for being for it are.It relaxes people when stressed, isnt does not have an... Read More »

Quit smoking weed about 10 days ago, what to expect?

I would expect whiter eyes and taco bell to not sound nearly as good.

What are some long term effects of smoking weed, ive smoked everyday for about 9 months?

Did you ever see the movie Super high me? That guy smoked weed for years, and the doctor told him he basically had no major damage from it. But from personal experience, I would say the effects wou... Read More »

Best rap lines about smoking weed?