What do you think about seat belts?

Answer I worked in a hospital for seven years, and I never wanted to wear my seat belt until I saw what happens when you don't wear one. The airbag and the seat belt work together, without the seat belt t... Read More »

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Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?

Does 1965 impala convertible have back seat seat belts?

Are there seat belts in the middle for a booster seat?

no, but you have to connect the seatbelt connected to the actual car to the booster seat. but there is a seat belt in the middle for a car seat.

What do you think of seat belts?

Hi,I was recently made personally aware of this question, so, since I (try to be open minded) and am definately opinionated, couldn't resist answering. So....Seat belts are fine as long as: 1) The... Read More »