What do you think about older adults being on Facebook?

Answer When this first started out, your 15 year niece wouldn't have even been able to join. This isn't about kids... it started out for college students. I love facebook and I'm a 45 year old. I love ... Read More »

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My parents won't stop lecturing me about being vegan!!! They think I'm being too extreme. what should I do?

You need to have a more general discussion about how you all work together to make decisions. And in that process you absolutely respect their opinions and ideas, but there are times when you may n... Read More »

What do you think about Wikipedia being about 32% less accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica?

It's quite irrelevant. If you rely on Wikipedia at all, it will fail you in such a way that makes you look 100% stupid. I'm not too crazy about Britannica either, but at least Britannica has some m... Read More »

What do you think about "add me" on facebook?

Well it's like adding strangers on Myspace, or adding strangers as contacts on Yahoo!It's fine and if you don't like the person all you have to do is unfriend/block them. If you're going to meet th... Read More »

So what do you guys think about Facebook?