What do you think about men having periods?

Answer That's hilarious. Men are whiny. My manager likes to joke & fuss when I'm on my period & my stomach is cramping BAD. Then he says that I blame everything on my cramps & periods. I told him one day ... Read More »

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I am on my periods and I am having cramps everyday during my periods?

Get some rest. What ever you're doing, its probably causing it. sometimes the cramps hurt so bad they're paralyzing. so, make sure you're not doing anything that strains a lot of muscles. like exer... Read More »

Is it possible to get pregnant when having sex for about 30 mins to 1 hour without a condom and a week after your periods?

What do you think about single women having babies....?

I think that it is amazing that they are so independent as to having and raising a child on their own. I praise them for having the patience and necessary resources to do it. It could have downfall... Read More »

I am having a disagreement with my daughter n law and my son about soda, - what do u think?

The effervescence of a soda is dependent on it's temperature. The warmer the liquid is, the more energy it has and it drives more of the gas out. So, therefore, if you keep the soda colder, more ... Read More »