What do you think about mega plush and the falsies by maybelline?

Answer I've used both.Mega plush won't give you length or volume. It darken your lashes and define them. But that's it. It just natural looking mascara.Falsies is a really wet mascara and it clumps badly.... Read More »

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Opinions on the new maybelline mega plush mascara?

ya the new formula is a mouse base better and more saver for the eye lashes i have it its okay i gave it a 6 because it doesnt do much its like a make your eye lashes better a soft everyday look it... Read More »

Could I PLEASE get a Maybelline Mega Plush mascara waterproof review?

It works well, mostly with volume not length, long lasting doesnt cake smudge and is flexible 9/10 :)

HELP! Colassal VS Mega Plush!!!! ?

I'm in 9th grade so I've had a lot of experience with makeup!! I love both but rite now I'm currently using the mega plush because it is lighter!! I love the gel feeling of it!! I say go wIth that ... Read More »

Mascara HELP! Colassal VS Mega Plush!!!!?

Ive the Maybelline Mega plus is great natural finish but gives nice Volumegreat for everyday use is lightweight is made Gel is not thick or Clumpy.Maybelline colossal is a bit has thicker formula ... Read More »