What do you think about drinking and driving?

Answer Done separately, fine. Doing both at the same time is plain stoopid.

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Should driving and videotaping be just as illegal as drinking and driving?

"just as we throw drunks in jail after the 2nd offense"Yeah, right. I can show you many newspaper articles about people getting busted for their 5TH OFFENSE.There's enough laws already - USE THEM!"... Read More »

How many of you can actually admit to never drinking and driving?

i havent..iv been in car with drink drivers tho untill a pal got killed

How to Prevent Drinking and Driving?

Every year there are many accidents and deaths that result from drinking and driving. Driving drunk poses a threat not only to the intoxicated people in the vehicle, but they also pose a threat to... Read More »

Hit and Run Accidents/ Drinking and Driving?

I think it's to avoid getting arrested. Seriously though, don't even get me started on drunk drivers. A drunk driver cause me to lose a babby and my mom needed surgery on her spine. I get the shi... Read More »