What do you think about drinking and driving?

Answer Done separately, fine. Doing both at the same time is plain stoopid.

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What Do You Think About My Drinking?

there is more to life then drinking and partyingalcoholics have a terrible life, cannot hold onto a job, family leaves themand medical problems galore

Do you think the legal age for driving should be higher or lower than the lagal drinking age?

The Driving age should be lower because good driving skills require experience and knowledge. So people should start driving at as early an age as possible. To get the experience that is needed to ... Read More »

What do you think about underage drinking?

Underage drinking does cause some serious problems for some teens. Poor decisions are made while intoxicated for people of any age but many people do not realize the brain is still developing unti... Read More »

What you think about teens driving?

In my opinion they need to be restricted as most car accident are done by young immature drivers. they need to be greater trained not to speed and drink while driving.