What do you think about alternative methods of healing of incurable diseases?

Answer Hi, I am now in remission from an incurable auto-immune disease. I tried almost everything and spent a lot of money. Reiki helped short-term but more for de-stressing. I think you have to "clean... Read More »

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The one minute cure...the secret to healing virtually all diseases?

If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Those scamming and exploiting desperate and vulnerable people in this way are beneath contempt, despicable.Sometimes (and probably also in your book) it is p... Read More »

Alternative Healing Treatment Centers?

Did you ever consider treating a genetic disorder with diet? Doctors at an alternative treatment center in New York are studying nutrigenomics, which is the interaction between diet and genes, at t... Read More »

Does alternative healing therapy work?

If it worked, it wouldn't be called "alternative."_

What are the best methods to use for healing a disorganized mind?

Try to develop a simple filing system (Things to Do, Things to Read, etc.) and keep a checklist or diary that you make sure to list all the things you need to do in. You might even get yourself an... Read More »