What do you think about abortion Do you favor it or oppose it?

Answer off course oppose. no one has any right to kill an innocent

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Hi you had an abortion on 20 November 2007 and now again you are pregnant Do you think it is going to be safe to have an abortion you are a healthy lady?

Yes. In fact, your pregnancy is so recent you probably will be able to have medicine-based abortion. If you are sexually active, it's healthier to use contraception, such as condoms or birth contro... Read More »

What does DVD+RW mean As oppose to DVD-R?

Well, there are really only two "families" of DVD at the moment (unless you want to count the red laser vs. blue laser stuff that's starting to come on to the market at the high end), and one "outc... Read More »

How to Oppose IQ Testing?

So you want to know how to argue against IQ testing? If you disagree with the concept of basing someone's worth off of an intelligence test, and want to know how to oppose this, read on.

Why do you oppose reunion in adoption?

Thanks for asking this, I was just wondering about the mysterious, across the board thumbs down.I think reunion brings up a lot of fear and insecurity (for some, not all) adoptive families. There ... Read More »