Do you think hannah montana is hott?

Answer I saw her on La Oprah and the girl sounds like she smokes 5 packs of cigarettes a day.

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What is the song true friends by Hannah Montana about?

It's about a true friend because she's singing about it

Im in 9th grade, do you think im too old to like Hannah Montana?

no. just you shouldn't be all obsessed with her like all the lil girls lol.

Where can you find the Hannah Montana script where Hannah Montana was on the talk show with Selena Gomez?

If you need to know what was said then look for the episode and find out the name for the song and then search on some lyric search sites for the lyrics.

What is he's not a hottie he's my brother of the Hannah Montana season three episode about?

miley has a dream about lilly having a crush on Jackson and he likes her back wow