What do you think a 'big boned' 14 year old should weigh?

Answer Well, depending on your height and other things, your weight may be perfectly normal for you. Maybe you are just very muscular, or tall. Even if you are not, it doesn't necessarily mean you are "fa... Read More »

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Is My Girlfriend Big-Boned, Like She Says, Or Does She Just Have A Fat Skeleton?

By measuring the circumference of the wrist, you will find people have different sized bones. As far as having fat bones, bones have no fat, that is just ridiculous. Big boned people do weigh more,... Read More »

How long does it take to cook a seven pound boned&rolled turkey?

Cooking time, per pound, is the same for a whole turkey as it is for a turkey roll. Roast your defrosted turkey roll approximately 18 minutes per pound. A seven-pound turkey takes about 2 hours and... Read More »

My daughter says she is boned to tears by her history teacher. Should I talk to the guy about this?

What's the big deal, dude? I mean, it's not like I didn't give her an A.

How Much Should My 3-Year-Old Weigh?

Sending a loved one to a nursing home is never easy as there is always a concern about proper care and humane treatment. Kansas has set forth specific regulations and guidelines designed to protect... Read More »