What do you think I should continue to do with my hair?

Answer Mix it up a bit, you can always straighten it one day and wear it curly the next. I love curly hair like that though!

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Should I continue to workout with an arthritic shoulder and ignore the pain?

i would stop the exercise temporarily and ask your doctors advice

Should an adoption of a child who is obviously afraid of going with a PAP continue?

OMG. Ok, see this is what scares me about our adoption in particular. Most of the kids we put in our homestudy for are plenty old enough to know who their caregivers are, and they are also plenty... Read More »

I ordered an Adult PPV movie on Direct TV but I don't have a phone line hooked up so I didn't think it would work It did Can I continue to do this with out it being billed?

If a girl compliments a guy's hair with smile and then continue smiling, does it mean she likes her(10 points)?

She likes her who? What does liking a guy's hair have to do with liking another girl?