What do you think Coca Cola will be like in 200 years!?

Answer I think coke will be around until the end of time i think they will put lots of non fat stuff into it they might change there name if they lose publicity there will probably be a new kind of coke l... Read More »

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I know a girl of 5 years old,she gets high,like been intoxicated anytime she drinks coca-cola...why?

Some people are very very sensitive to sugar and caffeine. So she's probably getting that hyper high off of the sugary drink. I would get the sugar and caffeine free coca cola and give it to her an... Read More »

Which do u think is better tasting pepsi or coca-cola and why do u think that?

Coke. Pepsi always tastes as if it's flat compared to coke...even when it isn't flat. Pepsi also just doens't seem to have as much flavor as Coke.If I can't get a coke, I'll choose a Dr. Pepper. Pe... Read More »

Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

If you mixed Coca-Cola with pepsi, what will happen?

You will have mixed Coca-Cola with Pepsi. Congratulations.