What do you think Camille would say about the Colts drafting Andrew Luck?

Answer sex

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What age would you think is appropriate to think about getting your daughter birth control?

It is different for everyone. I had birth control pills at 12 because the Dr. prescribed them for severe menstrual cramps, they worked. If you plan on being sexually active (or even if you don't pl... Read More »

If you didn't have to worry about what people would think.what colour would you paint your house?

PurpleMadonna had a striped house here in the USA and it made her neighbors very upset.

What would you think about this Pervert?

Your intuition sounds spot-on. Don't talk to this person. Delete and block them immediately. Use the "Report Abuse" feature to help get this profile deleted.To block the person, go to settings>priv... Read More »

What would you think about someone getting a tattoo on...?

A lot of artists don't like to do the foot. It fades easier and is trickier to work on. They don't want their work to look bad and you to be unhappy with it.That said, I do know someone who had w... Read More »