What do you take to become a Computer Hardware Engineer?

Answer Hardware engineers usually have a BS in Electrical Engineering.

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What's the difference between computer software engineer and computer hardware engineer?

A software engineer mostly programs computers. They know several programming languages such as C++, Java, ect. They also develop algorithms to solve problems. A hardware engineer is responsible for... Read More »

What is it like being a Hardware Engineer or Computer Engineer?

Most engineering programs are very difficult and math oriented. They aren't among the hardest majors (medical / pharmacy / law), but they are up there. As far as ease of finding a job, they are b... Read More »

What is computer engineer software&hardware?

Hardware engineers support all physical devices on which computing is done and connectivity between the computers. Software engineers manage the software used by computers. In essence, software eng... Read More »

What Is a Computer Engineer, Software and Hardware?

There's a wide range of careers in a number of major computing fields that focus on computer software, hardware or a combination of both. In general, engineers solve technical problems by developin... Read More »