What do you store seeds in?

Answer Seeds need to be in paper bags or dark colored jars to exclude light, or jars with a good seal placed in a dark cupboard. It is especially important to ensure that seeds are thoroughly dried before... Read More »

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What is the best way to get seeds from tomatoes.When they green or red,and how do i store them?

The tomatoes need to be red/ripe. Also you can't just take the seeds and dry them, they need to ferment a bit. Here's a link to a page with directions on it. Have fun. :)

Why should you store seeds?

Storing seeds is a great way to save money - you don't have to pay for new seeds every season, although it is a good idea to occasionally refresh the genetics of your seeds with seed from another s... Read More »

How do I store flower seeds?

Short-term StorageStore seeds at room temperature and use within a year. Keep the seeds away from heat, light and moisture. Seeds may be used after a year, but the germination quality of the seeds ... Read More »

How long can you store herb seeds?

According to the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association, seeds stored in air-tight containers and kept in a cool, dry location are viable for three to five years. Seeds stored in a freezer are via... Read More »