What do you spend on average dining out each month?

Answer probably $1000 i really love dining out

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What is the average amount of time children spend watching violent television each week?

In America, your child may be watching an average of three to four hours of television during weekdays and up to 38.5 hours weekly. According to ERIC Digests, the 1997 National Television Violence... Read More »

How much do you spend on groceries (food only) each month for a family of 2 adults, one baby?

$400 seems pretty high for only 2 adults and a baby. We are a family of 5 with 3 growing boys (4,5, and 9) and we feed all of us on $400 per month.Sodas are cheep - I doubt they're the cause of bre... Read More »

How much, on average, do you spend on gas per. month?

What is the average temperature for each month of the year in Greece?

Greece is known for its temperate climate year round. According to Weatherbase, on a 21-year average in Athens, the winter months are the coolest, with December, January and February averaging 53, ... Read More »