What do you sign at the closing on a house?

Answer Regardless of a mortgage transaction, a buyer signs numerous documents at the closing of a house purchase. However, if there is a mortgage transaction, the documentation greatly increases.Significa... Read More »

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Can I refuse to sign on a refinance mortgage at closing?

On One Hand: You Can Refuse Before Signing PaperworkBefore the closing table, or even at the closing table, of any mortgage transaction, you can refuse to sign the paperwork and stop the mortgage p... Read More »

What closing costs should one expect if paying cash in full for a house?

AnswerClosing costs have become such a debated issue but in essence closing costs are really the same no matter what. It is unfortunate though that many people in the industry abuse it and sometime... Read More »

What are some of the problems I could experience between making an offer and closing on a house?

I sold a foreclosed home to a lady a few months ago and the bank that owned the house screwed up their paperwork just before closing. They delayed closing by a week so they could straighten out th... Read More »

How to Find Property Tax Information When Closing on a House?

Property taxes must be included on the settlement statement when closing on a house. These charges will be listed on the HUD-1 statement under the borrower or seller's transaction. Making sure the ... Read More »