What do you serve as a side dish with Jambalaya?

Answer green salad, almost alwaysFrench bread, of course green beans, cooked with fat back or bacon if that's not enough, add some baked sweet potatoesFor desert, peach cobbler is classic, but you could a... Read More »

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What is a good side dish to serve with chilli?

What Side Dish Should I Serve With Grilled Salmon?

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What's a Good Side Dish to Serve with Pink Tacos?

Burritos with cream sauce. Am I invited to dinner?

What side dishes should I serve at a bbq?

Make some homemade rolls, and have 2 or 3 different kinds of chips with it too. I would also add a fruit and vegetable tray with dips. Since you are having 100 there would be more variety. And fo... Read More »