What do you see when an LCD monitor has 3 or 4 dead pixels?

Answer Unless the dead pixels are adjacent to each other, you will probably not notice the small missing dots at all. If there are too many, especially close together, you will have dead spot(s) on the sc... Read More »

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How to Fix a Monitor With Dead Pixels on a Black Screen?

On an LCD monitor, a pixel can deactivate but the user rarely notices because of the vast number of pixels on the screen. A "dead" pixel, which shows up as white on a black screen, can be reactivat... Read More »

My 3DSXL already has dead pixels.?

If you have a defective device, you should return it to the shop that you bought it from with the receipt. If they have told you you'll have to wait for a replacement, then I guess you're stuck wai... Read More »

Dead pixels on screen JScreenFix?

I agree with Adrian - it should be covered under warranty. Talk to HP or the place you bought it from and get them to sort it out ASAP. Explain that you cannot do without it, and they may be able t... Read More »

DEAD PIXELS, just wondering when they will show up...........?

LCD pixels are the product of VERY intricate wiring and surface etching. It is not incredibly uncommon to buy a product that has 1-5 dead pixels as a result of a spec of dust resting under the sub... Read More »