What do you see on Saturn?

Answer Ancient societies were only able to observe the largest planets, such as Saturn, named after the Roman god of agriculture. Even though ancient man could see Saturn, mankind did not see Saturn's mos... Read More »

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Do the wheels on a 2003 Saturn L200 fit on a 2007 Saturn Ion?

The 2003 Saturn L200 was equipped with 16-inch wheels that had an offset of 40mm, backspacing of 5.51" and 5-110 bolt pattern. All 2007 Saturn Ions, save the Redline trim, were equipped with wheel... Read More »

Is Saturn v the same as Saturn 5?

Yes. Saturn 5, V or Five was the rocket that sent man to the Moon. The V is the Roman numeral for 5.

What is the purpose of the Saturn V?

The Saturn 5 rocket was a powerful rocket it had to reach the moon and also return safely back to earth.

What is the length of a saturn car?

The shortest car length by Saturn is the 161.1 inch 2009 Sky Roadster. The longest length in the 2009 models is the 170.5 inch Outlook FWD XE.Source:Saturn 2009 Outlook