What do you say to your son who broke an ankle?

Answer Say these exact words, "Son, I'm not sure how else to out this. But you broke your ankle."

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Is there a way to tell if you broke your ankle or just twisted/sprained it?

if you still have movement of the joint without major pain, then it is unlikely to be broken. hairline fractures cause little swelling, and can resemble a severe strain, so there is no absolute way... Read More »

I broke my ankle a few months ago and now...?

You should go back to Physical Therapy or the Doctors. Youu could of damaged something in you ankle so i would go and get it checked out!! : )

My friend broke his ankle and is in a lot of pain...?

I recently broke my ankle. can i still enlist to the navy?

No, you cant enlist to the navy with an ankle injury.