What do you reckon of my days food?

Answer so im going to do a little review on each of these meals.breakfast: generally healthy, but since it is the first meal of the day, you need some protein to function at your best for the remainder of... Read More »

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What do you think of my days food?

Ditch the vodka and lemonades and the pringles...Much healthier then.

What to you is the iconic Filipino food on rainy days?

What do you reckon to the new Radiohead album, 'In Rainbows'?

Although the music may or may not be turning heads, it's the introduction to a new industry business model that is strikingly interesting.Whether ya like their stuff or not, ya have to admire their... Read More »

Viral Youtube Video What Do You Reckon? even better make up your own parody of I can ride my bike with no handle bars and put that in the background. By the way, message me a link to that after you've upload... Read More »