What do you put on babies that have a rash on their feet and have Spina Bifida?

Answer follow the link below for advice on this matter

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How to Recognize Spina Bifida Symptoms?

Mothers can take steps before and during pregnancy to be healthy, including not smoking and not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.Spina bifida is the most common birth defect in the U.S. About 1 of... Read More »

Is it possible that spina bifida is not detect in anomly scan in 23 week?

Occasionally, a test is misinterpreted or the lab data can be wrong. However, this is rarely the case with spina bifida as modern screening techniques make it relatively easy to detect. Due to th... Read More »

Thought id let people who have answered my questions know (baby girl has spina bifida)?

Your question has me in tears.I am deeply sorry.I 'm not one of your contacts, but one of my contacts starred your question.My grandmother had 2 children born with Spina Bifida, and hydrocephalus, ... Read More »

What causes a rash on babies elbow?

There are many causes for a rash on a babies elbow. The most common is meningitis which is a very serious medical issue and can result in an almost instant fatality and any baby that recognizes the... Read More »