What do you put in a baby-sitting flyer?

Answer I would put the hours you work, how much money and your phone #

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What should you put on a flyer for baby sitting?

Your name, age, experiences, references (if you have some), if you took a babysitting course put it there, and your phone number. Becareful though! I'd recommend babysitting for someone in your nei... Read More »

What would you do if a baby is sitting upon you?

stop, drop, and roll. no wait- that's something else.

How to Get a Baby Sitting Job?

A lot of people get their first job experience as a babysitter. This "how-to" will teach you how to get a babysitting job.

Is sitting all day bad for the baby?

%DETAILS%AnswerI think it would be better for you baby If you got some exercise. Just walking in the building could be good. I don't think sitting all day long is good for you or the baby. That's a... Read More »