What do you prefer vodka or beer?

Answer VodkaEither Grey Goose or Chopin.

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Which do you prefer Vodka or Whiskey ?

For shots, do you prefer your VODKA at room temperature or chilled?

If straight, in the freezer.Vodka goes with a variety of fruit juices, particularly citrus. Vodka and lemonade with a sugared rim on the glass is called a lemon drop. Vodka and grapefruit juice is ... Read More »

Vodka drinkers: In what fashion do you prefer to imbibe this particular liquor, this spirit of wonder?

Stolichnaya is my brand of choice, because quite simply...why even bother with the other garbage...LOLMy favorite drink/cocktail is either a Vodka Paralyzer, or a White Russian.Vodka Paralyzer :½ ... Read More »

Beer, wine, vodka or tequila?