What do you prefer Coffee or tea to wake you up in the morning?

Answer I prefer tea because, it gives freshness

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In the morning do you prefer to wake up with coffee, tea, cocoa, juice, soda, or 'other'?

I love coffee skycat, the stronger the better, pressed please. yummy

Whats the best method to wake up in the morning - besides coffee?

Forget coffee as it is an artificial stimulant and it's effect is short lived.When the alarm goes of get straight out of bed, no 5 minutes more. Wash or shower straight away with warm water and at ... Read More »

Do you prefer coffee or tea as your morning beverage of choice?

coffee then tea later darling thankyou;;-

Coffee: Why does Starbucks wake me up, but coffee at home just makes me jittery?

There is a very scientific answer to your question.Here it is:It is caused by your over active imagination, it is all in your head..