What do you plant to grow a seedless persimmon tree?

Answer Many fruit trees are grafted into other trees with seedless varieties.

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How do I plant a persimmon tree from seed?

PreparePlant persimmon seeds in spring or fall. Soak them in water for two or three days before planting; this will soften the husks. Fill a 6-inch pot with light, quick-draining potting soil for s... Read More »

Where does a wild persimmon tree grow?

Oriental persimmons grow wild in China, Japan and in the Korean areas. American and Texas persimmons grow wild in the New England states south through Florida and as far west as Texas.Source:Tree T... Read More »

Can I plant cherry pits to grow a tree?

You can grow a cherry plant from a seed, also known as the pit. The cherry tree grown from a pit will not produce the exact same variety of fruit as the parent tree.Source:Iowa State University: Ge... Read More »

What is the nicest plant or tree to grow hydroponically in the UK?

Best is cannabis with the help of LED grow lights. You can visit to know more details.