What Do You Think, Personally, Is The Worst Piercing?

Answer Septum. It's just not pretty. It makes even the prettiest girls look rough, as well as men. Whyyy.& I read someone suggested tongue web. Yes, that is gross.Otherwise, I love piercings. :)

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What do you guys personally think of Cleaning & Laundry?

well, you have a choice..Wear dirty clothes for a while and not wash them and live in a dirty house.or wear clean clothes and smell nice and live in a nice clean house people enjoy coming over to. ... Read More »

Why do so many Australian's seem to think the meaning of life is just getting drunk ?

It's stupid but dont worry just let their brain cells die and let their liver blow up

Do you personally think Abortion is wrong or immoral....?

I believe abortion is wrong. I am sorry for the loss and pain you feel. We all make mistakes. I have no doubt that God has forgiven you.Unfortunately it isn't only women who suffer the after effe... Read More »

How many tattoos do you personally think is too many?

there is NO limit. my friend has SO MANY tattoos. its one of his "hobbies" he keeps getting them and they look wonderful!! he doesn't fit into that "sleazy" category of tattoo people. i find not a ... Read More »