What do you order from your chinese take away?

Answer Shrimp fried rice, beef lo mein, sweet& sour chicken, general tso,&crab ragoon.....................and we vary it with other dishes.We get alot so we can have left overs for everyone (family of 5)... Read More »

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What do you order from a Chinese take away?

Chicken chow mein (which the kids scoff!) sweet & sour chicken balls, duck with mushrooms, special fried rice and crisp chilli beef for the husband. I'm getting the munchies now!

What is the most healthy dish you can order from a chinese take away (if thats even possible)?

king prawn an steamed veg with steamed rice (brown rice if they do it)

"What do you order when you get a Chinese take away."?

Duck pancake rolls....and prawn crackers. its the bst thing ever!or sweet adn sour chicken....have ou tried it.... it really is the best there is... :)wat abotu you>

What is your favourite dish from the Chinese Take-Away?