What do you order from chipotle?

Answer I get the bowl with white rice, barbacoa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and corn.. I definitely recommend the barbacoa!

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I got an offer to work from strada and chipotle mexican grill, which one should i take?

Which do you personally prefer -- for food, atmosphere, etc.?Which one is closer to your home?Which would have more and/or better hours for you?You should have asked about the pay when you were off... Read More »

What can result from disobeying an order from an officer in the military?

This is a question which really needs to be directed to the Judge Advocate General (who, in turn, would probably have to contact the British consulate in DC). Tentatively speaking, orders and an ID... Read More »

What is a chipotle pepper?

The chipotle pepper is a jalapeno that has been smoked. It originated in central and southern Mexico as a method of preservation, but in recent years its culinary popularity has spread.Green vs. Re... Read More »

What is smoky chipotle?

The flavor of smoky chipotle chili, once popular in South America and the American Southwest, is now popular all over the world. Known for its distinctive spicy and sweet flavor, the chipotle comes... Read More »