What do you need to transfer VHS tapes to your computer?

Answer You would need a video capture card that has the correct inputs to connect to your vcr or vcr camera, so you could record them from the tape to the computer (something like this http://www.newegg.... Read More »

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How to transfer miniDV tapes to computer?

If your laptop has an expansion slot you can add a firewire card. All camcorders use a 4 pin connection. If your laptop's connection is the same then it too is 4 pin (surprise!) if not it'll be a... Read More »

How do I transfer 8mm camcorder tapes to my computer Do I have to buy software?

8mm is a generic term for Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. Video8 and Hi8 are analog formats, so you'll need some sort of analog to digital converter. If you've got another camcorder with "pass through"... Read More »

I have old tapes from an 8mm video recorder and VHSC how can I transfer them to computer W/O camera working?

Check out StashSpace.Com they are an online video conversion company that can put your 8mm and VHS tapes onto a portable hard drive. $7 / tape + cost of drive.

How do I transfer VCR tapes to a PC?

ConnectingConnect the VCR to the PC via a video capture card. These devices come in internal versions that use a card slot or external versions that use USB. The VCR connects to the card through re... Read More »