What do you need to protect your computer?

Answer A computer needs several programs to be effective to protect it from incoming viruses and worms that are easily picked up. These viruses and worms can steal information or completely crash a syste... Read More »

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What Do I Need to Protect My Computer?

According to the Microsoft Security website, four basic steps may be taken to ensure a computer is protected from attacks and viruses: use of a firewall, regular updates to the operating system, an... Read More »

How to protect your eyes when using computer(for computer programmers)?

Gunnar optics is geared specifically for YOU, and gamers. They are specifically designed to reduce stress on your eyes for long hours. Otherwise my optic doc told me that if I spend 1 hr staring ... Read More »

What do you do to protect your computer from being infected by a virus, worm or spyware attack?

Other people already suggested software utilities that you could download and install to help protect you. Instead I will list common sense tips that sometimes get overlooked:1. Do not install sof... Read More »

How to Protect Your Computer?

Viruses and malware run rampant in the computer world. Every day there are thousands of new computer viruses that appear simply to wreak havoc on your personal machine. Attackers do not want you to... Read More »