What do you need to plant a tree?

Answer Trees produce oxygen and absorb Carbon Dioxide. Humans need the former to live, the latter kills us. Hopefully you can now see why planting more trees is important.

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How deep do you need to plant cherry tree seeds?

Plant cherry tree seeds about one-half inch deep into the soil, according to Iowa State University. Sweet cherry trees propagated through seeds aren't always the same as the parent tree and may pro... Read More »

Can You Plant a New Tree Where an Old Tree Was Located?

Replacing an old tree can be a challenge. The stump and roots in the ground make planting a new tree difficult, but there are available options. Does this Spark an idea?

What is a pumpkin tree plant?

The pumpkin tree plant (Solanum integrifolium) is a species of plant that is in the nightshade family. Although the pumpkin tree plant grows clusters of fruit resembling the shape of tiny pumpkins,... Read More »

What is the cost of labor to plant a tree?

The cost of labor to plant a tree varies depending on the tree type and workers used. The average time to plant a tree is approximately one hour. One hour of labor for the skills associated with pl... Read More »