What do you need to make porcelain dolls?

Answer Make porcelain dolls at home with a little skill and some supplies. The materials needed depend on the level of intricacy and detail desired. Find doll-making supplies at an online shop such as elo... Read More »

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How to Make Porcelain Dolls?

To craft a porcelain doll from scratch, you need to know how to burn molded pieces in a kiln to turn them into porcelain. Usually, the doll's arms, legs, head, neck, and shoulder area are porcelain... Read More »

How to Make Native American Regalia for Porcelain Dolls?

Native American "regalia" refers to the accessories and decorations worn during special occasions such as ceremonies, and to help distinguish certain members of the group. These items include the b... Read More »

What is the origin of porcelain dolls?

The earliest porcelain dolls were created in France, Denmark and Germany in the early 19th Century. Porcelain is a generic term to describe dolls made of china, which is glazed, or bisque, which is... Read More »

What are porcelain dolls made from?

Porcelain dolls are created from an easily sculpted type of clay. The two variations used in the manufacturing of porcelain dolls are "china" and "bisque." A china doll has a glazed surface; while ... Read More »