What do you need to know to look after a baby?

Answer There are many things to consider. The age and activities of the baby play a role. Is it a newborn, or is the baby crawling around. I think there is too much to cover in this venue. There are sever... Read More »

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Baby could be here any day now and I'm curious about what my "you know what" will look like ?

your you know what will go back to its original size, just a bit streched out, you can still see the skin streched, and if you get stitches, you'll see the stitches as well. As for your tummy, itll... Read More »

What subjects do you need to look after special needs people?

You need the same qualifications as you would to look after children without special needs. The main thing you need for this type of work is a big heart, understanding, empathy, and patience. Exper... Read More »

How to Look After Baby Chicks?

Just like any pet, baby chicks are adorable and lovable. But they're also a handful! Here's a guide to taking care of baby chicks.

How to Look After Baby Bearded Dragons?

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