What do you need to do to file taxes if you work from home?

Answer If you are self-employed and working out of a home office, your tax filing requirements will be different than those of a company employee. Although the taxation scheme applicable to you offers adv... Read More »

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What form from college do you need to file your taxes?

To file your income taxes and claim credits for higher education costs, you need Form 1098-T from your college. You use this form to claim the American opportunity credit, the lifetime learning cre... Read More »

At what income do you need to file taxes?

In general, taxpayers who earn more than $5,700 in a tax year are required to file income taxes for that tax year. However, the income tax law does have loopholes and exemptions for those persons o... Read More »

What do I need to file my taxes for a tax return?

To file your taxes, there is a standard list of documents and information you will need to complete the task. They are divided into three main sections: personal information, income information and... Read More »

What paperwork do I need to file taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service recommends using last year's tax return, the Social Security cards of yourself and any dependents or spouse, your Form W-2, Form 1099-INT, any small business receipts, ... Read More »