What do you need to do to file taxes if you work from home?

Answer If you are self-employed and working out of a home office, your tax filing requirements will be different than those of a company employee. Although the taxation scheme applicable to you offers adv... Read More »

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How early can you file your taxes at home?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, people may begin filing their taxes from home for free Jan. 15, 2010. People may choose from traditional tax software, or fill out blank forms online in e... Read More »

Do you file state taxes where you live or where you work?

On One Hand: Home State Taxes All IncomeIt is required that you file state taxes in both the state where you work and the state where you live. Your state of residency, according to a USA Today sto... Read More »

How long do i have to file my taxes in a work release program?

Taxpayers who are incarcerated and participate in a work release program have the same tax filing deadline as all other filers, midnight April 15. Taxes should be filed by this deadline annually fo... Read More »

Do you file state income taxes in every state where you work?

Yes. You are required to file an income tax return for each state where you earned income during a given tax year, which may mean filing multiple state income tax returns.References:Intuit TurboTa... Read More »