What do you need to convert a car to electric?

Answer Converting a gas-powered car into a car that runs on electricity requires removing the entire combustion engine in your vehicle, then replacing it with an electric motor and batteries.Lightweight V... Read More »

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How to Convert a Chevy 327 Electric Fan?

Swapping your engine driven cooling fan for an electric fan is one of the most versatile upgrades you can perform on your car. By replacing the engine driven fan and clutch assembly, you reduce the... Read More »

How to Convert a Candle to Electric?

With just a small investment, you can make the best pillar candles last forever. Now there is no need to buy expensive candles every season just to provide a cozy ambiance. The flickering flame of ... Read More »

How to Convert Lamp From Oil to Electric?

Before electricity, people used oil lamps to light their rooms. Although oil lamps are no longer practical, they are quite elegant and pleasing to the eye. Oil lamps can be used not only for decora... Read More »

Can you convert an oil hot-air heating system to electric?

You can convert an oil-fired hot-air heating system to electric; however, in most areas, the cost of electricity is much higher than the cost of oil or other heating fuels. In order to do such a c... Read More »