What do you need to build a computer?

Answer Building your own personal computer can be quite simple if you have all the right materials. The fact that it is associated with technology does not mean that it has to be complicated or intimidati... Read More »

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How to Build Your Own Home Theater Personal Computer With an Older Computer?

This guide has the purpose of helping you to reuse an old computer transforming it into a new living room or bedroom’s media center or HTPCUbuntu Linux and XBOX Media Center, both with GPL /GNL l... Read More »

Help with Computer Build?

Wow, it's always a great experience when assembling your own desktop PC. You seem to have done your work and it seems to me that all of the components will fit securely and work safely within your ... Read More »

How do I build my own computer?

Building a computer yourself is much much cheaper than buying one or paying someone to make it for you. You need several things:A CaseA MotherboardA Processor(CPU)RAMA Hard DriveA CD Drive(to load ... Read More »

Can i build my own mac computer?

On One Hand: It's Possible to BuildYou can build a computer that is compatible with Apple Macintosh software and install an Apple operating system on it. This so-called " Hackintosh" can be tricky... Read More »