What do you need to build a computer?

Answer Building your own personal computer can be quite simple if you have all the right materials. The fact that it is associated with technology does not mean that it has to be complicated or intimidati... Read More »

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So what else do I need to build a computer?

Not a battery....that's for a laptop, your going to need a PSU.CD/DVD drive with burning capabilities.RAM - 3-4gb if 32bit operating system, 4-6+ gb if 64bit OS.Network card if it isn't integrated ... Read More »

What parts do I need to build a computer?

Not meaning to offend, but if you must ask, then you should consider having one built for you... despite computers coming a long way in their modularity they still require a good understanding of h... Read More »

Computer build, need to make sure it works?

It's okay, your parts would fit inside your casing, no problem.

Is this all the hardware I need to fully build a working gaming computer?

the guy above me is right.Hanns monitors are horrible quality,they die really fast,try to go for an acer monitor,they're great.the processor is a phenom regular,it is horrible,atleast get the pheno... Read More »