What do you need to be partnered with/ in YouTube?

Answer Depends on the type of videos he makes.Certain videos such as gaming have hubs such as michinima who can get you partnered if you meet thier requirements.The main requirements for any partnership ... Read More »

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Should I get partnered On YouTube?

Haha if you can find a partner program that is going to partner your channel 40 views a day is nothing I get 500 views a day on one of my channels and 400 views on the other and still barely make a... Read More »

Can you give me feedback on my partnered youtube channel?

Yeah dude that's a nice channel. I kind of do some stuff similar to you (I don't play minecraft much anymore) but I really am trying to gain some more popularity.

Partnered YouTube Accidentally Deleted Account?

Once you delete a channel, you can't get it backYou will have to email partner support and see if you get a response

What us airline is partnered with tam airlines?

United Airlines is partnered with Brazil-based TAM airlines. The partnership agreement enables TAM and United passengers to connect to new South American and U.S.destinations as well as 11 internat... Read More »