What do you need for car designing?

Answer While engineers design the moving parts that make cars run, designers determine how the vehicles appear. Careers in car designing are competitive and require the proper education and skills to obta... Read More »

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What kind of software do I need for graphic designing?

If you are looking to go into graphic design as a career, you want to be proficient in the most popular design software, Adobe Creative Suite. What you use will ultimately depend on who you are em... Read More »

What do I need to know about interior designing?

Interior designers use skills learned in college and internships to help make client's homes, businesses and even schools and recreation areas function well and look their best aesthetically.Work D... Read More »

What kind of education do you need for game designing?

Being a video game designer is a dream career for many longtime gamers. Fortunately, video game design is a broad field, and many different types of education can prepare you for a career as a vide... Read More »

Do I need to go to college for designing clothes?

You do not need a college degree to become a clothing designer, but you do need fashion design certification. It is generally recommended, however, that designers obtain a college degree in busines... Read More »