What do you need for a Lego Mindstorms kit?

Answer A Lego Mindstorms kit has 619 pieces, including two touch sensors, one ultrasonic sensor, one color sensor, three motors, connector cables, the NXT Brick and other assorted Lego pieces. It also con... Read More »

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How to Get Started in Mindstorms NXT?

descriptionLego Mindstorms NXT is a high-tech robotics kit, very widely used because the system is simple, yet powerful.

How to Get Blue LEGO Bricks on My Lego Network?

"My LEGO Network" is a game and social networking site designed for children. Players can design their own Web page, interact with friends and trade items with other users. In "MLN," users collect ... Read More »

Is there a Lego GTA?

According to, there is no video game called Grand Theft Auto: Lego City. GTA: Lego City is a video parody, made entirely of Legos, of the popular GTA franchise.Source:The GTA Place:... Read More »

How to Have a Lego War?

Well, if you have ever seen little kids play with things, they are never bound by physics, and most of it is destruction-based. This guide should help you to remember the joy Lego can give you, and... Read More »