Difference Between Mobile Applications & Web Applications?

Answer Mobile applications are software that is developed for mobile devices such as smart phones. Web applications is software that are developed for and accessible through a web browser. Some mobile app... Read More »

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How to Use Water Exercises for Back Pain?

Doctors recommend regular exercise to treat back pain. An exercise regime helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles that connect with your back. People who suffer from back pain should choose low... Read More »

Shoulder pain from water polo Please help!?

Hey, I'm sorry about your shoulder. Shoulder injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the shoulder that can be hurt and cause pain.I highly recommend you see an orthopedist (aka an orthopedic s... Read More »

Do water beds contribute to back pain?

Waterbeds have been around for decades. Their manufacturers claim they are a better option for those suffering back pain than standard flat-bed mattresses. It is still debated whether these claims ... Read More »

Why do we feel pain when we pour water on open wound?

This is mainly due to the mechanical irritation of the wound leading to deformation of the already damaged cells and production of more mediators irritating the sensitive nerve endings. I don't thi... Read More »