Do FAFSA applications get audited against previous years?

Answer According to the financial aid office of the University of Delaware, the primary forms used in auditing a FAFSA submission are the student's and parents' federal tax returns as well as the student'... Read More »

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What does an irs tax lien against property mean?

An IRS tax lien against your property means that the IRS has a legal claim on your property equal to the amount you owe in taxes and penalties. This applies to your existing property and any proper... Read More »

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Cutting your meat properly won't always improve the tenderness of a bad cut of meat, but it does help.A steak recipe calls for cutting against the grain. What the heck does that mean? How do I do t... Read More »

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When the dollar is high against a foreign currency, it means that one dollar is relatively more valuable than one unit of the foreign currency. However, someone might say that the dollar is high if... Read More »